Rumor: 40GB PS3 to get backwards compatibility via firmware update

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According to a German site, a contact has revealed that the 40GB PS3 will soon be able to achieve backwards compatibility. It will do so through the use of 100 percent software emulation which will come by way of a new firmwae. However, we'd take this with a pinch of salt for now for obvious reasons...

In a discussion between us and Sony an import merchant from the USA, which import to Germany, we experienced that the 40GB is to become downward compatible variant of the PS3 in October PS2 plays. The whole is to go via firmware an update of.

Thus our contact man added joking that he had get rid now immediately all 60GB of models, which he has still on supply, since they would suffer a noticeable depreciation after publication of the firmware. This sounds quite plausible, since many seize to around some more expensive 60GB model only due to the downward compatibility, which with same functionality of the 40GB of model then would become void.

On the question, how this from technical side will look, us it was insured that this was to take place “to 100% by means of software emulation”. According to the dealer is planned the firmware for October, to one hundred per cent it cannot assure this however.

We can likewise no warranty for the correctness of this message give to want to drive the fact out however that Sony announced recently, also PS2 of plays over the PSN make this step nevertheless very probably.

We hold you with new information up to date.
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